April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar – New Moon & Full Moon

April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar: As you, all know that there is constant change in the phases of the moon every night. Sometimes the Moon appears completely, and sometimes half. The changes that occurred in the shape of the moon are called Moon Phases. If you want to know on which date the full moon will be visible and a new moon on which date. Here we have shared April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar. Which is based on the scientific method?

April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar

The Moon has no light of its own it shines from the sunlight. when sunlight falls on the whole part of the moon then moon visible full. The moon has several lakh kilometers away from the earth and we can see only the brightness part of the moon from the earth. Moon Phases Calendar is the best way to find out the monthly lunar phases dates. The dates of moon phases are different in the southern and northern hemispheres. Through this article, you can find out the dates of the lunar phases of April month.

There are four important phases of Moon which you see every month and these phases are;

April 2021
Moon Phase Date Time of Day
Last Quarter April 4 3:04 A.M.
New Moon April 11 7:32 P.M.
First Quarter April 20 12:00 A.M.
Full Moon April 26 8:33 P.M.

April 2021 Lunar Phases Calendar

April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar Lunar Template April 2021 Moon Phases Calendar Free April 2021 Moon Calendar Template Moon Calendar For April 2021

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